Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies (DMT)

Today's industrial economic environment places a premium on fast and affordable manufacturing processes.  When considering the costs of manufacturing spare parts, it is clear that new approaches to manufacturing are critically needed to help facilitate future successes.  The Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies (DMT) program will develop manufacturing capabilities that are affordable at small volumes and with reduced delivery times.  These concepts will be extended to polymer matrix composites, advanced metallic turbine blades, and rapid prototyping. 



Our mission is to shift the paradigm of industry. The early adaptation of the newest manufacturing technologies, combined with DMT Industries' product loop model, will provide the ability to bring concept into reality like never before. 

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Developing nonautoclave manufacturing technology for production of polymer matrix composites for aerospace components and establishing a robust process for full-size components. Eliminating costly mold-making steps in the manufacture of precision parts through digital fabrication.

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Nanotechnology, three-dimensional printing, additive manufacturing, biotechnology—disruptive technologies are all around us, and they are influencing and even creating new markets and value networks.

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